“Competing at the highest level is not about winning. It’s about preparation, courage, understanding and nurturing your people, and heart. Winning is the result.”

Joe Torre


With 11 provinces and over 5000 spectators and athletes, SAMCA Nationals never disappoints. 2018 Nationals was spectacular in the beautiful town of Oudtshoorn.

All Squads have been hard at work and are bringing their A-game to the 2019 Nationals Hosted at Inkwenkwezi Private Game Reserve, Eastern Cape.


SAMCA is the South African Majorette and Cheerleading Association is the SASCOC (South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee)


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SAMCA is the South African Majorette and Cheerleading Association is the SASCOC (South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee)


The History Of SAMCA Nationals

The origin of Drum Majorettes, or “Drummies”, is not clear-cut, but the sport has its roots in the traditions of Military drill and Marching bands. The earliest documentary evidence of Drum Majorettes on record is in the form of pictures of female drum majors that appeared on cigar boxes in the Americas and Europe in the late 1800s.


The first known mention of “Marching Girls” in South Africa is found in the school record books of St Dominic’s School in Gauteng, dating back to 1923. At that time, and up until Drum Majorettes became a recognised competitive sport, Drum Majorettes took the form of a number of female marching troupes performing at sport events, fêtes, charity functions and street parades.


Official Drum Majorette competitions began in 1974, mainly in the former Transvaal province (Gauteng).

In 1978, the first Drum Majorette organisation in South Africa, known as the West Rand Drum Majorette Association, was formed.  As the sport gained regional popularity, additional areas and Provinces formed their own Associations, culminating in the foundation of the South African National Drum Majorette Association (SANDMA) in 1983.  This Association later became known as the South African Drum Majorette Association (SADMA).  In 2011 the Association included Cheerleaders and today, the National body responsible for Drum Majorettes and Cheerleading is the South African Majorette and Cheerleading Association (SAMCA).

In 1981, the first Adjudicators’ Board for the official judging of the sport was founded in the former Transvaal.


Today, SAMCA is the SASCOC recognised Federation for Majorettes and Cheerleaders in South Africa.  SAMCA is also a member of numerous International bodies associated with various disciplines of our sport.  SAMCA is a full member of the Majorette-Sport World Federation and the International Cheer Union, and participates on a regular basis at the World Championships of these International federations.  Many SAMCA Athletes have had the privilege of participating internationally making South Africa proud.