Since their initial establishment in 1992 the South African cheerleaders have participated internationally in various countries, such as France, England, United States of America and Asia.

South Africa, through the workings of SAMCA and their recognition by the South African Sport Confederation and Olympic Committee, became a member of the International Cheer Union (ICU) in 2008.

This has allowed SAMCA to send a National Cheerleading Team to compete at the ICU World Championships every second year, with the first team having attended in 2011.

In 2017 South Africa sent their first All Girl team to compete along with their National Co-ed Team and in 2019 South Africa added their first Junior team to the mix.

At the 2019 ICU World Championships, Team South Africa: Co-ed achieved an overall 5th place in their division, Team South Africa: All Girl an overall 11th and Team South Africa: Junior an overall 6th.