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The  Western Province  Majorette and Cheerleading Association (WPMCA) (previously known as the WPDMA) was established in 1981.  

Teams who have been affiliated to the WPMCA since then include:

  • Hottentots Holland High School
  • Fairmont High School
  • The Settlers High School

After  being  in existence for 30 years, we are proud to say that the WPMCA currently  has  25  teams  affiliated across  the  primary and high school sections.

WPMCA Council

Chairperson – Janine Erasmus

Vice – Chairperson – Hugo Smuts

Chief Adjudicator – Sharon Hirst

Development Officer – Troy Fish

Treasurer – Ina Sibley

Secretary – Yolanda French

Competition Manager – George Lucas

Trainers Representative – Hendrica Martinus

       [email protected]