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Gauteng Provincial Majorette Association

The Gauteng Provincial Majorette Association (GPMA) promotes the sport of Majoretting (which includes Drum Majorettes and Cheerleading) in all communities in Gauteng.

  • maintain the activity on a competitive level by arranging regular competitions on a league basis;
  • encourage non-affiliated teams to take up GPMA affiliation;
  • arrange training courses and development seminars;
  • encourage and promote high standards of display techniques, conduct, behaviour and ethics;
  • develop an awareness of the activity amongst educational authorities and the public in general;
  • ensure the activity is conducted within the strictest moral code and in a dignified manner;
  • recruit suitable persons to develop as adjudicators; team trainers and administrators.


GPMA Council


GPMA Tel: (011) 675-2406

Fax: (011) 675-3708

[email protected]


Allan Donaldson Chairman
Tina du Plessis Vice-Chairman
Hylton Graham Chief Adjudicator
Dianne Roodt Deputy Chief Adjudicator
Linda van der Weide Chief Trainer
Candia Nash Deputy Chief Trainer
Murray Lonsdale Competition Manager
Hylton Graham Chief Scorer
Alice Vosloo Treasurer
Linda van der Weide Development Officer